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Top 11 Things NOT to Say to a Woman in Labor

I’ve experienced labor twice and thankfully both were regular deliveries. The first time was very elongated, I labored at home for hours in my tub, on a blanket outside, moaning at my bedside, receiving support from my doula from 4pm to 2am until we finally went to the hospital and I labored in the tub until 6am and so on and so on.

The second time around my water broke and then the contractions came on like a freight train with no brake system. We had to go to the hospital right away because, as my midwife said, “damn you’re going fast.” She then looked at my husband and said, “this is incredibly painful.” Not that it wasn’t obvious. I was hunched over and gripping the chalkboard’s shelf in triage and moaning like a deranged chimpanzee, contemplating whether or not I could rip the chalkboard off of the wall and throw it into the hallway–for some reason this seemed like it would offer me relief.

Anyhoo, I digress. The point of this post is to acknowledge the horrible things that condescending nurses often say to you whilst in labor. Some I heard personally, others, friends have. So with no further ado…

The Top 11 Things NOT to Say to a Woman in Labor

1. “The contractions are going to get A LOT worse than this.”


2. “You’re barely dilated!”


3. We don’t have any rooms ready, you may have to deliver here.”

Here could be the hospital hallway, bathroom or triage. In my case it was triage.


4. “Why are you moaning and groaning?”


5. “We don’t have time for/we do not have any pain killers.”

Labor pain

6. “Your doctor/midwife isn’t available right now – she’s dealing with the emergency next door, you can probably hear that woman screaming.”

This one happened during my first labor.


7. “Hmm, we’re not really sure what’s wrong.”


8. “Is it okay if the interns watch?”

Yep, I was asked this one personally.


9. “Hurry up and push, we don’t have all the time in the world.”

annoyed doctor

10. “That was a decent push but the baby barely moved down. You have a ways to go honey.”


And finally…

11. “Wow that’s a hairy baby!”