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Toddlers Are Rude: Toddler Dismisses Greek Antiquity

How rude can you get? We take you all around the world, we present you with the world’s finest cuisine and what do you give us back? Tantrums and narcoleptic pass-outs as soon as we get to little ol’ places like…ah you know, the freaking Parthenon.

Watch this rude toddler totally dismiss Greece.

Look how much you enjoyed Oia, Greece. Thanks for the back-ache.


Oh you’re not interested in fine Greek cuisine OR wearing your shoes?

No prob, do whatever the hell you want toddler. Get comfortable.


Hashtag “I’m lovin’ it” ?


“Tell me more about Santorini, Daddy!”


Simply embarrassing at the Acropolis Museum.


Honey, this is the National Gardens in Athens!

“I will cut you.”


So look who perked up at where else but the winery?