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Christmas Cards Past, Present & Future

Remember the days when Christmas cards were a way of recapping the year on beautiful, thick stationary? They were handwritten and sent to long, lost friends – perhaps the only contact you had with some all year. These cards and photos used to hand around my home as a child and I loved watching my mother open them with excitement, and disappear into a globe of nostalgia as she read about her childhood friends. It was a way for me to enter her world, one I was not familiar with, as I sorted through those letters and photos. Reading about one family’s trip to Hawaii, or a family’s struggles through a tornado hitting their home. The letters were strung about the home, as festive as the Christmas tree itself.

Handwritten & Detail Rich Holiday Card of the Past


These days I haphazardly throw photos onto a photo card and send without a personalized note. Ultimately, the real issue is this: everyone already knows what’s going on thanks to Facebook. So here’s what my card could look like if I wrote it:

Holiday Card of the Present

Dear Friends,

We had a lot of fun this year on vacation in…well you all saw it on Facebook.

We welcomed a new son (yeah you saw that too)

Please see my Facebook year in review, happy holidays.

So what does the future bring? A vibration on the side of our cheek alerting us that we’ve received incoming messaging from a friend? Along with the message perhaps we’ll see a database of all of our interactions with said friend. We’ll think about replying which, will in turn send the reply. And be done with it.

Holiday Card of the Future

  • Incoming message from John Doe: “Thinking of you, happy holidays”
  • Message received, send reply
  • Interaction complete. Repeat next year.
  • Happy frickin’ holidays



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