The One-A-Month Dinner Party Goal

It’s a new week. Hell it’s a Monday and I’m pretty damn proud that I know what day of the week it is seeing as I’m on maternity leave.

I decided to make a new goal for myself this week since I usually crush my to-do lists so easily. Like today’s “Take a Shower” – I simply moved it to tomorrow’s list.

Anyway here’s the new goal:

Host a dinner party every month.


  • Bond with friends (read: use friends to watch my kids while I sip wine)
  • Actually see my friends (read: get out of having to drive somewhere else or worse, take the train)
  • See the first reason’s last word

I already completed my task for this month (with newborn in tow). And now it’s time to plan the next dinner party!

Who’s in on the challenge?

Ready? Set? Go!

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