Things That Happened While You Were F*#%ing Golfing

What Happened While You Were F*#%ing Golfing?

I told the kids it was time to clean up after you went golfing.

Max crying while you were golfing

The kids shared their opinion…while you were golfing.

monkey attack

We–er, I tidied up. But there were some problems…meanwhile you were golfingBurning house

I took some time to myself while you were golfing


We played some games while you were golfing


Finally I got the kids out the door while you were golfing

animal attack polar bear

When we got back home, the kids were a bit overtired but I handled it


Now everything’s great and you’re home! Ha, ha, ha, ha. Hope you had fun! Ouh! Don’t I hope you had fun. Yes I do. Yes I dooooo. Ouh ha. ha. ha ha! Fun, fun. Mmm, fun times. Yes. Yes. Fun. Okay. Okay. I’m okay. Oh.


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