About MMC


A mommy martyr puts her family’s happiness over her own.


No. Because she bitches about it nonstop, whether verbally or through physical language. She quasi realizes what she’s doing but can’t help but steamroll over her quest for perfection. Cleaning to the nth degree, hosting parties, reading every last page of her child’s book before bed and wondering where the F*#@ her team is — why is no one helping her? Fine, it’s fine, she’ll do it. God damn’t she’ll do it. She sheds a tear, clenches her fists and powers on thinking that tomorrow she’ll “do something for herself.” (yeah right).

MMC is designed to…

  • Make you feel like you’re not alone if you’re a mommy martyr.
  • Provide you with a little laugh.
  • Serve as a harbor for your time-wasting needs.

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A Visual and Satircal Journey of Cures for Poor Mommy.